PIHPSA Alumni - building the future of Pacific health

The Alumni of the Pacific Island Health Professional Students' Association, (the PIHPSA Alumni) are an association of pacific graduates working in the health professions within New Zealand and the Pacific Region with some of our pacific professionals placed worldwide, and we wish to issue a joint and collaborative statement about the New Zealand COVID-19 vaccination programme.

The Covid-19 epidemic continues to challenge our pacific communities in New Zealand and puts our families at home in the Pacific Islands and overseas at risk. We recognize the amazing work that our communities have been doing for the last 12 months to keep each other and the wider population of our country safe.

We pay tribute to the many Pacific staff who are continuing to work on the frontline in high-risk areas as health professionals including our Doctors in both Community, Public Health and Hospital settings, Pharmacists, Medical Laboratory Scientists, Physiotherapists, Dentists, Physiotherapists, Nurses and Midwives as well as other Allied health workers.

We also recognise our teachers, church and community leaders, border workers and staff at testing sites, managed isolation and quarantine facilities.

We especially pay our respects to those health professionals who have been directly affected by the virus and to those who have passed away while carrying out these important roles.

Staying safe and protected from COVID-19 can be accomplished by following the New Zealand Government advice on both testing, isolation and vaccination.

Health experts worldwide now recommend that vaccination against Covid-19 be added as a new defence tool in the global fight to defeat the virus. As PIHPSA Alumni we strongly support this recommendation.

Vaccinating our New Zealand population will mean that the virus will have fewer and fewer places to spread.

If a virus cannot spread, it will die out and the physical health complications and death due this virus will decrease in our population.

We are writing to encourage our community to become vaccinated against COVID-19.

Please discuss any concerns you have about this vaccine with your local pharmacist, your doctor or GP as they can help answer your questions and concerns that you may have and provide you with the most up-to-date information about the vaccine.

The PIHPSA Alumni